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"Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories." (Arthur C. Clarke)  more
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Aug 22, 2011 "Roe v. Wade" -- What I Wish the Decision Had Said Writer's Corner: Politics Non-Fiction
in Member Center
  n/a    Very Helpful
Nov 30, 2005 "We must kill the enemy without mercy!" - one way to write military SF David Weber and Steve White - In Death Ground
in Books
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Nov 12, 2005 "Vampires, Master Bruce? Are you certain you're not suffering from sleep deprivation?" Batman vs. Dracula
in Movies
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Oct 25, 2005 A "classic" mystery novel from the Golden Age of Detection? No, not exactly. Anthony Berkeley - Poisoned Chocolates Case
in Books
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Jul 8, 2005 Double Review: 1 for Newcomers, 1 for Fantastic Four Comic Book Fans Fantastic Four (DVD, 2009, Widescreen; Movie Cash)
in Movies
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
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About lorendiac
The POTUS Write-Off (Starting February 24 2004)

Current Entries in the POTUS Write-Off (including "old" reviews in the "Two Links for the Price of One" feature)

lorendiac: "What does it take to become President? Ambition and plenty of it!" - a review of "Presidential Ambition by Richard Shenkman

lorendiac: "All hail to the chief - President Lex Luthor! (Superman's worst enemy, naturally)" - review of "President Lex" by several writers

lorendiac: "Author shows his "dream candidate" reaching the Oval Office, but do we care?" - review of "Man of Destiny," by Martin L. Gross

lorendiac: "A careful examination of how influence is gained and lost in American politics" - review of "The Power Game" by Hedrick Smith

lyagushka: "Dearest Friend The Life of Abigail Adams" - review of "Dearest Friend" by Lynne Withey

lyagushka: "McCullough's John Adams: The Life of a Patriot" - review of "John Adams" by David McCullough

serc: "Four Trials" - review of "Four Trials" by Senator John Edwards

serc: "The War Room" - review of the documentary (about Clinton's 1992 campaign) "The War Room"

The General Idea

I hereby propose to host a Write-Off of my own for the first time. I call it the POTUS Write-Off. "POTUS" is an established acronym for "President of the United States" and cleverly enables me to condense the title of the W/O down to one reasonably identifiable five-character word to make it as painless as possible to squeeze into your title when the time comes to post your pride and joy.

Since there is a presidential election coming up in the United States of America, I feel it's a good time to try to help people get a better-informed understanding of the nature of the Presidency and how people acquire the job, and who the people are who have succeeded in this endeavor over the years.

POTUS Guidelines

I want it to be a product review; not just your own ramblings in a political essay for the Member Center.

The product in question should have a good strong connection to at least one of the following three things:

1. The quest to gain the power of the Presidency, even if the main character fails in the attempt.

2. The exercise of such power after someone finally got his hands on it.

3. Interesting material relating to a real-life person who once got to be POTUS, even if the material in question (a film or novel featuring the young Abe Lincoln, for instance) may be set long before anyone thought he was likely to ever move into the Oval Office. (Or, for that matter, long after the historical figure left office.)

Now, those guidelines are deliberately stated in general terms. Any type of product is acceptable if you can persuade me of the POTUS connection. I suspect that most of the material offered will be books and audiovisual recordings, but there's no rule that says you must review one or the other. For instance, a computer strategy game that lets you be POTUS, i.e. Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the United States of America, would qualify as a way to let the customer experience one aspect of what it might feel like to be POTUS. On a similar note, my parents own a copy of a board game that's based on the struggle among numerous candidates in the presidential primaries for a national party. That would fall within the category of "the quest to gain the power."

On the other hand, several days ago I watched a film where the main character spends a minute or so on the phone with a person (unseen by us) who is stated to be the POTUS. Even if the guy on the other end of the conversation had been shown on the screen, I wouldn't count his very brief role in the film as qualifying the entire thing for the POTUS Write-Off. If the POTUS had been one of the main characters in the film, shown in scene after scene and making things happen in the resolution of the plot, that would be different.

POTUS Schedule

Since the so-called "Super Tuesday" of primaries is supposed to be March 2, I'm proposing to start my Write-Off one week prior to that date. The current revised plan is to keep this "open to all comers" right up until Election Night 2004, when we will be waiting to find out who will be the POTUS for the next four years - hopefully this question will be resolved a wee bit faster than the last time around!BR>
Special Offer: "Two Links for the Price of One!

As an extra bonus, I'm offering "Two links for the price of one!" For each new review you submit which I accept for this Write-Off, I am willing to add an additional link to some older review you wrote way back when, provided the older one also deals with a product which fits into my general guidelines for POTUS material.

If you want to tell me you're going to participate, PLEASE leave a comment right here. I'd prefer to keep this W/O totally "e-mail free" if at all possible. Saves me the trouble of trying to filter out your messages from all the spam my accounts collect each week.

Writings about the Epinions Experience

I was quite new here when, having seen an awful lot of bad advice (in my opinion) and/or bad examples set by other people regarding the WOT, I felt the urge to set down my own feelings on the subject: 10 Things it Doesn't Mean if I Add You to the WOT!

Later, wondering about the rate of reciprocal visits from people I'd read and rated for the first time, I did this: I rated opinions by 100 strangers; waited a week to see how many reciprocated

And, of course, the riveting sequel, when I had fine-tuned my calculations on the subject with a larger sample group: I rated opinions by 500 strangers; waited to see how many reciprocated

Later on, in the spirit of good fun, I wrote this: So you want to be on my Web of Distrust? Here's How!

And after I had gained and lost the hat of "Advisor in Books," I wrote: Why being an Advisor didn't mean much to me, and reflections on the new titles

In February of '02 I got a new hat, and was so surprised that I wrote down my first reactions to this great honor in the form of a humorous interview: How I accidentally became a Top Reviewer (and why I don't care)
(What can I say? I have an honest nature, and my title reflected my honest feelings.)

Most recently, most of my work on Epinions having been book reviews, I wrote a little essay on what I consider to be the bare essentials to cover if you want other veterans on the site to feel comfortable about giving you a good rating on your book reviews: Things I wish I had known when I started writing Epinions Book Reviews

My Fantasy Book Reviews:

Robert Asprin - Another Fine Myth
Dave Duncan - The Gilded Chain
Dave Duncan - Lord of the Fire Lands
Dave Duncan - Sky of Swords
Dave Farland - Runelords
Esther Frieser - Yesterday We Saw Mermaids
Sharon Green - Convergence
Matthew Hughes - Fools Errant
Diana Wynne Jones - The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Robert Jordan - The Eye of the World
Robert Jordan - The Great Hunt
Jane Lindskold - Changer: A Novel of the Athanor
Fiona Patton - The Stone Prince
Fred Saberhagen - The First Book of Swords
Fred Saberhagen - The Second Book of Swords
Fred Saberhagen - The Third Book of Swords
Roger Zelazny - Nine Princes in Amber
Roger Zelazny - The Guns of Avalon
Roger Zelazny - Sign of the Unicorn
Roger Zelazny - The Hand of Oberon
Roger Zelazny - The Courts of Chaos

My SF Book Reviews:

Isaac Asimov - Foundation
Lois McMaster Bujold - Ethan of Athos
Diane Duane - My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek: Rihannsu #1)
Diane Duane - The Romulan Way (Star Trek: Rihannsu #2)
Diane Duane - Honor Blade (Star Trek: Rihannsu #3)
Diane Duane - Sword Hunt (Star Trek: Rihannsu #4)
Philip Jose Farmer - To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Riverworld #1)
David Feintuch - Midshipman's Hope (Nicholas Seafort #1)
Robert A. Heinlein - Have Spacesuit, Will Travel
Robert A. Heinlein - Methusaleh's Children
George Lucas - The Phantom Menace Illustrated Screenplay (Star Wars Episode 1)
Susan R. Matthews - An Exchange of Hostages
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle - The Mote in God's Eye
Robert Sawyer - Far-Seer
Janelle Taylor - Moondust & Madness (romance novel, supposedly with SF setting)
David Weber - Path of the Fury

My Comic Book (or Graphic Novel) Reviews
Brian Augustyn - Crimson: Heaven and Earth
Brian Augustyn - Crimson: Loyalty and Loss
Kurt Busiek - Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Confession
John Byrne - Superman & Batman: Generations
Gerry Conway: Spider-Man: Clone Genesis
Gerry Conway, Stan Lee: Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy
Peter David - Young Justice: A League of Their Own
Bruce Jones - The Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster
Dan Jurgens - Tomb Raider: Saga of the Medusa Mask
Scott Lobdell - Gen 13: We'll Take Manhattan
Ron Marz - Batman - Tarzan: Claws of the Catwoman
Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern - Superman: Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite
Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern - The Death of Superman
Joe Quesada & Munier Sharrieff - Battle Chasers: A Gathering of Heroes
James Robinson: The Golden Age
Jim Starlin - Batman: A Death in the Family
Marv Wolfman - Crisis on Infinite Earths
Various writers, anthology: Batman: The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told