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Nov 7, 2008 n/a The Heroin Diaries [PA] by Sixx: Am    
Sep 14, 2008 n/a The Show - eMC    
Jul 13, 2008 n/a I'm Not There    
Mar 24, 2008 n/a Paprika    
Dec 6, 2007 Product Rating: 3.5 Steal This Album [PA] by The Coup    
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About mcheadcase
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Name: Nick Napier
Aliases: Headcase; MC Headcase
Date of Birth: 5/28/87
Age: 23
Occupation: Music reviewer

"Opinions cannot be proven wrong because they are yours to form and have, so only you can disprove your own opinions." - Anonymous

Hello, my name is Nick, though most people recognize me by my alias/stage name Headcase (or MC Headcase). I'm 25 years old and single, living in North Carolina. In May 2007, I graduated from Central Carolina Community College with an Associates degree in Broadcasting, and I currently attend UNC Charlotte majoring in Communications. I have plenty of hobbies and passions, but the most evident thing about me is my love for music. My maxim is "MUSIC IS LIFE", and you can see it when I write. While it seems the majority of my reviews may be focused on a certain genre (namely Hip-Hop), I enjoy a wide variety of music, from Rock to Hip-Hop, from Blues to Jazz, and even a little bit of Country. I have a plethora of favorite artists out of every genre, and it would be too time consuming to name them all. But above all else, I consider Bob Dylan to be the greatest songwriter of all time.

I'm also a musical artist myself; a musician/emcee/vocalist who sings and raps, and plays guitar. I have both a Myspace page and a Soundclick page, so check them out if you're interested to hear my material. Some of my other hobbies include contact sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts and professional wrestling, and anime/manga (though in regards to the latter two, I am not the rabid fan I was when I was younger). If you ever want to talk or comment on my stuff, leave a comment on my personal Facebook or Twitter, or drop me a line at MCHeadcase@gmail.com

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