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About Me: Educator, author, reviewer, QMRP, parent

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majenta Make sure you give the next chapter time to exist.
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania USA
Nov 15, 2007

Ready2bmom Mommy to a special needs pre schooler, and a gifted 5th grader!
Location: South Florida(land of hurricanes)
Aug 7, 2007

George_Chabot Seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington
Location: Atlanta. GA. USA
Apr 17, 2007

Bruguru Christmas in July Write off is back!
Location: Canton, Georgia.
Apr 17, 2007

jsmorris Life is fun! It's all a matter of perspective...
Location: Southern California
Apr 17, 2007

kelly60 This has been a rough year for us. Hoping the new year is better.
Location: Northern Michigan, USA
Apr 1, 2007

brentp256 Dare you enter The Shrine of the Kuo-Toa!?
Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Apr 1, 2007

kjell1979 They see me rollin' ... they hatin' ...
Location: Oxford, Mass
Apr 1, 2007

SurgRN911 Location: Gastonia NC Apr 1, 2007

surferdude7 Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. Mar 29, 2007

OpalMan Excuse the dust! Page is under construction.
Location: Covina, Ca
Mar 29, 2007

briandalsmom Owner of Princess Time Toys and professional mom blogger at MiscFinds4u.com
Location: USA
Mar 29, 2007

rudixeno "Nothing is to be more highly prized than the value of each day"
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Mar 29, 2007

melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Mar 29, 2007

JiggyJay Smash is the way I deal with my life.
Location: Bellflower, CA USA
Mar 29, 2007

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