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About Me: Only 15 words? Sword & Magic Helmet. URL above (GRUMBLE)

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ribbit2jen I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist and the mother of an amazing young man.
Location: USA
Mar 4, 2012

sojournseeker Cosmetics,Cleaning&Food reviews=Ingredients please. R.I.P. dads/cats. SeekTruth,Write it !!!
Location: Cleveland, Earth
Feb 20, 2012

kari1981 Busy mommy of 2 beautiful girls!
Jan 21, 2012

mjhollingshead Educator, author, reviewer, QMRP, parent
Location: United States
Jan 17, 2012

jimmy118 Dec 1, 2011

ChrisJarmick Best Recent Documentaries
Location: Seattle
Nov 8, 2011

shopaholic_man Been writing reviews here since 2004. Check them out!
Location: Near Boston, MA
Sep 7, 2011

ruthieq Location: New York, NY Jul 10, 2011

wrdnik3 Soon I shall be invincible! And also...bwahahahahaha!
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Mar 7, 2011

milyjohnson Location: Newark, NJ, USA May 10, 2010

rmurray847 Location: Albuquerque, NM Dec 31, 2009

ladyconsumer 9/6/13: No more SAP. See member center announcement.
Location: Sunny South Florida
Dec 17, 2009

paulsavage Personal issues now over, I'm playing review/writing catch-up!
Location: alabama, us
Dec 14, 2009

toolguy1963 "There are no dull subjects. There are only dull writers." H.L. Mencken ...
Location: Germany
Nov 19, 2009

cpw1952 Lifelong bookaholic, investment representative, wilderness camper, happily married, old enough to know better!
Location: Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Oct 25, 2009

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