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Consider myself a savvy consumer. I've read many Epinions so I'm returning the favor.
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Date Written Review Title Product / Topic Product Rating Review Rating
Feb 1, 2010 Great but Take Care in the Summer! Paramount's Carowinds
in Theme Parks
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Apr 7, 2008 Accurate delivery, reasonable delivery charge, beautiful flowers = happy shopper and happy recipient. Flowers Fast Online Store
in Online Stores & Services
  Product Rating: 5.0    Very Helpful
Apr 7, 2008 Effective, gentle cleanser for sensitive skin Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser Salicy Acid Acne Treatment Oil Free 6.7oz
in Personal Care
  Product Rating: 5.0    Very Helpful
Nov 6, 2007 Pretty good. Sale pricing was major factor for purchase. Product info could be better. joann.com
in Online Stores & Services
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Oct 28, 2007 Stylish Corkscrew That Works! Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew
in Wine Accessories
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
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