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Location: US
About Me: Proud Dad of three great kids. Online Marketer

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joewerner Armchair critic of all things, certified nerd and new dad
Location: Los Angeles
Oct 24, 2013

craftswoman I blog about all aspects of good health: marcellarousseau.wordpress.com
Location: Indiana
May 25, 2013

Lisa_J Early Childhood Educator, Mom of Two: one accountant and one LA bound college dance major!
Location: Pacific Northwest - Washington State
Jan 23, 2013

rajaahmed Dec 24, 2012

gaelkm "Much truth is said in jest". (Chaucer)
Location: out on the western cape....
Nov 17, 2012

majenta Make sure you give the next chapter time to exist.
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania USA
Aug 16, 2012

sojournseeker Cosmetics,Cleaning&Food reviews=Ingredients please. R.I.P. dads/cats. SeekTruth,Write it !!!
Location: Cleveland, Earth
Jul 12, 2012

rudixeno "Nothing is to be more highly prized than the value of each day"
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Jun 3, 2012

dolphinboy I am a psychologist, author of two books, and a reviewer on two sites.
Location: The Great Lakes of Michigan
Feb 13, 2012

borchardt Location: Carl Junction, MO Sep 20, 2011

Location: A Galaxy Far Far Away
Feb 13, 2010

andaryl Sorry for the inactivity, going through a breakup, will be back
Location: California via Yorkshire
Mar 30, 2009

popsrocks At This Time SAPs Cannot Be Input...Perhaps in the future.
Location: Long Island, New York
Jan 13, 2009

parsi81 Oct 6, 2008

kengland4 HAPPY B'DAY TO ME!BLACK FRIDAY!In lieu of a gift, read & rate a review--comments!
Location: Signal Hill, CA USA
Jul 28, 2008

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