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snik1 Done writing about music here...will continue writing book reviews for a little bit.
Location: The Oort Cloud
Feb 12, 2008

balogun Mar 31, 2007

russianraiderz Location: Seattle, WA Aug 7, 2005

kyklops Man, this sucks. I'm gone for a year, and I lose all my earnings.
Jun 27, 2005

stealers_in Rain Water.
Location: Outskirts of Infinty
May 14, 2005

whisperscream Slowly, surely...
Location: Earth
Mar 4, 2005

insomniac1587 Don't be jealous of my boogie.
Location: Isom, Kentucky
Dec 24, 2004

kookytree mais lindo que michael jackson!
Dec 24, 2004

Don_Krider Fan of power pop (Raspberries, Badfinger, Cheap Trick, The Knack, Romantics, Slade,Sweet...) --- "Play On"!!!
Location: USA
Dec 21, 2004

andym173 Ahoy!
Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland
Dec 2, 2004

MattBjorke I'm still here and I'm still a fan of good pop and country music.
Location: Music City, TN, USA
Sep 16, 2004

teamfreak16 I am a Two-Legged Groove Machine.
Location: Manitou Springs, CO
Jun 13, 2004

plorentz Some won't get it, and for that I won't apologize.
Location: The Land of Limburger and Leinenkugel's
May 21, 2004

poeticone16 will be making a comeback this summer
Location: Chi-town, Illinois
May 13, 2004

afterburn I traveled back to the past to let 'em know what the future's like.
Location: The edge of the world...
Mar 25, 2004

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