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Alcohol & calculus don't mix. Don't drink & derive  more
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Jan 18, 2014 Nuts about Snickers Snickers Chocolate Bars
in Food and Drink
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Jan 6, 2014 JOVAN Glandular Secretions for Men Jovan Musk 3oz Men's Eau de Cologne
in Fragrance
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Dec 23, 2013 No Mean Razor King King of Shaves Supercooledthol Shaving Oil For Men
in Personal Care
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Dec 19, 2013 A game of cat and MAUS My Father Bleeds History Vol. I by Art Spiegelman (1986, Paperback)
in Books
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Dec 15, 2013 The Call OF The Wild Jack London - The Call of the Wild
in Books
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
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You can find all the gory details of MY HOMETOWN W/O here.

Entries so far: proxam - Livingston * Jetbluefan1 - Newport * AlanCrax - Tampa * popsrocks - Freeport * treeseed - Vergas * sundogg99 - Portland * hollynz - Gisborne NZ * Drdevience - Los Angeles * Ed_Grover - East Town (Milwaukee) * kamel622 - Wisconsin Rapids * Susie34668 - Maidstone * cr01 - Holmsfirth * msmorvay - Schaumburg * trust12345 - New York * atchesonate - Reno * gaelkm - Naperville * klueger - Altoona * jiahong - San Francisco * nchoward - Cedar Falls * tombarnes - Portsmouth VA * slarter - Philadelphia * nedipooh - West Memphis * beckytcy - Lexington * pilarzmom - San Jose * ifif1938 - South Florida * belynch - Hilton Head * kellyintampa - Downers Grove * reefmonkey - Houston * gwumpysmurf - Christiansburg * sirg0508 - Peebles

I'm 45(ish), married for 25 years with a grown up son. I am a builder but at the moment I'm resting (as they say in the theatre). My interests include travelling and when I can't travel I like to read about different places. I like to eat and drink... it's something I have in common with all living orgasms.

I like music, from Abba to Zappa and all points in between. (except I don't like Abba) I play the guitar badly, not intentionally of course.

If you would like to know more... then join the club... I'd like to know more as well. I will add more interesting information as soon as something interesting happens!
You can email me @ mardhuatyahoodotcodotuk Anyway, that's it for my longer biography.

As if you care.

Alternatively, you can learn 20 amazing but true proxam facts by clicking here. And if that's not enough, click this for another 16 useless facts, or here, for another 16. Had enough? - No? Well, There's a neat little A-Z of proxam right about....here.

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