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Long-haul trucker, former cook, and all-around nice guy.  more
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About ramsfan
I was a dietary cook at a large not-for-profit hospital in Northern California for many years after originally growing up in Southern California. I have a tattoo of a wolf and a bear, and I have a cool new one of an Indian medicine wheel shield with a buffalo and three feathers, (an anniversary present from my sweetie, kcfoxy!) to celebrate my Yakima Indian ancestory. Hi to any long lost relations in the Okanagon/Lake Chelan region of WA!

I'm working out a little bit now, walking more etc. in an effort to get healthier, and have recently lost 50 pounds. In the past 5 years I've been an 18 wheeler, throwing, (unloading), an average of 40,000 pounds of freight per week, which definitely helps. My favorite places to visit are Phoenix, Honolulu and Las Vegas.