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29 years old, separated, mom of a 4 year old daughter and 2 stepchildren.  more
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Jan 9, 2006 Pens, Pens, and MORE Pens! "Writing Utensil Write Off!" Writer's Corner: General Non-Fiction
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Jan 9, 2006 What a Way to Learn! Vtech V.Smile Tv Learning System - 061220
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Jan 9, 2006 Cute, Compact, and a Great Ringer! VTech t2121 900 MHz Single Line Cordless Phone
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Jan 9, 2006 Mommy, I see fishies! Hagen All Glass Aquarims
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Jan 5, 2006 Yes, You Can! But Do You Want To??? How to Finance with Bad Credit
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About RCarte2000
I am 29 years old, married but separated, mom of Allison (age 4) and stepmom to Cynthia (10) and Cody (12). I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and am working on my Bachelor's. I work for Procter & Gamble as a Retail Merchandiser. I live in West Virginia and have many, many interests including writing, crafts, Pogo.com games and more. I have a black and white kitten, a beagle, 4 miniature frogs, 2 Koi, 2 algae eaters, and 2 Tetras.