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Oct 28, 2000

If I could stand old cliques, I would say Epinions is a snowball - oooh poop, isn't that the pits. Don't worry, I can do better.

Between you, me, and the gatepost this can be the most infuriating outfit on the whole World Wide Web - get used to that right now. Why do I say that - because you can write the very best Epinion ever written and virtually no-one is going to read it!

And why is that, I hear you ask - it's because at the start no-one knows your here - simple as that. There are a hell of a lot of Epinionators, I have heard the figure of 120,000, which means if you are an axe murderer you have come to the right place to be nicely hidden.

If you read the other advice raves, they will tell you a lot of good stuff including build up your WOT - well I say ignore your WOT - it will take care of itself - much, much, much more important is the number of members who have asked to be alerted when you write an Epinion. These people haven't just made the bland promise "I love you - give me a kiss and you've got the job"- they have actually gone to the trouble of clicking the alert me button and want the emails advising them every time you write an opinion. I have found that often from here my WOT grows, never the other way around.

So, how can you become known. There is only one way, and that is to splash your name around everywhere you can, particularly by reading and rating - the two R's of Epinions. A bit of time in the Forum doesn't go astray, but the two R'R's just can't be beaten. Sooner or later the recipient will look at your stuff - no need to publish every day but make it good - and then many of them will come back.

It took me five weeks to get more on my WOT than the number of letters in WOT - it then took seven weeks for that to grow to 80.

This is not clever, wonderful or brilliant - well er, no, no it's not. It is simply the way it works. Far too many damn good writers give up in the first few weeks. Its almost as if the system is designed to make that happen, which by the way I am sure it's not.
Whether it takes you half as long as it took me or twice as long is of no matter - like anything there is an element of luck with these things.

Rating can be a giant pain in the neck. For some unknown valid reason Epinions allows anonymous rating, and you can read all about my about my opinion of "gutless anonymous" in my review the Wanka and the Sewer rat if you wish. These people are dumber than a wagon load of rocks. Personally I totally ignore anything anonymous - to me it can't be too worthwhile if someone is not prepared to put their name to it, their very name being a pseudonym or just simply made up anyway. You know, I say I am Peter Smith from Australia - well lets face it I could be Ralph Quinbury from Spain-whos'e to know. (Of course I don't lie - I's the real Mccoy, baby - I know where Lake Caddibirrawarracanna is!)

I did actually see one Epinionator who was silly as a cut snake talk about Austrian Kangaroos. The people in Austria would be quite rightly surprised to open their front doors and see kangaroos grazing on the permafrost! Another claimed to be a Doctor but gave some very weird advice. These two couldn't lie straight in bed.

Yes, it all happens here folks, so don't worry about it.

Then we come to how often should I publish - well there as many answers to this one as there are opinions. I think the hardest time is the first few weeks - after that I noticed that I always got X number of visitors in the first day, Y in the second and so on. In this way I watch my opinions die slowly down to a small number per day. It becomes a very reliable indicator and I publish the day before death of the current opinion (immediately following the funeral). That usually means about every three or four days for me - I know some that publish weekly and others monthly - you will find this question will answer itself for you if you study the figures.

The moral of the story is we want you, we need you, don't let a few idiots cause concern and give it time.

If you do these things you can sit back, write, relax and watch it happen.

It really can and will be enjoyable - you'll be happy as a dog in a hub cap factory.

You can trust me - I'm an Aussie!

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