Jul 22, 2000 (Updated Jul 23, 2000)

Did I get your attention here, I sure hope so? Is this site all about making money for everyone or just the owners of the site? Are we all here to make money, to get rich quick, to make a fast buck? Or are there various reasons we are here? Some say they are not here for the money, but wasnít it the money that drew them here to begin with? I have to admit I was invited to the site by the daughter of a co-worker. She mentioned in her Email to check out this site that I would make money for writing about things I love to do. I thought to myself, well I really hate to write and I know I am a terrible writer. Why waste my time doing something I totally dislike? I then said to myself, I guess Iíll check it out and see what itís about since they do pay money.

I came to the site on 18 Jan 2000 and I read how the site works and thought to myself, well I do love to go to the Movies at least once a week. Sometimes I even go 2 or 3 times if I can afford it. I do like to tell my friends how much I liked or disliked a Movie. I always let people I know if I enjoyed a Movie enough to recommend it to them and why. So since I do all this by word of mouth why couldnít I at least try to write the same stuff? It just so happens the 1st Movie I saw the same day I joined, which was a Tuesday was ďSNOW DAYĒ. I had seen some cool previews and thought it would be a very funny and entertaining Movie. Boy was I upset at how bad that Movie really was and I wrote about it too. My first review and first written anything since High School was pretty poor. I knew since I didnít like writing and that I was not very good at writing, that it really wouldnít be very good. I really didnít care at the time how it looked or read, I knew I was going to make some money for writing it.

Six months have past since that first review. I have only written 29 to date, this makes number 30. I know I have improved greatly in my writing by 2 means. First a lot of you have said so in your nice comments. The second way is the ratings on my reviews since my first few have so many more HR and R ratings to show me I have improved. I know I have a long, long way to go and I try to continue my improvement with every review I write. I improve by reading a lot of great reviews by great writers and get hints here and there (I really steal all the good stuff from you guys but donít tell anyone, okay), on how to write. I donít put out half as many reviews as most people here because I love to read, rate and leave comments more than I like to write. I know I only make money when I write a review and you are nice enough to read it. I do thank you for that very, very much. I feel the best way I can improve is continue to read more and more of your great reviews. By doing this I help myself and I in turn also thank you in the best way I know how by giving you my 1 cent back for reading your great review.

As you can see I really am not in it anymore just for the money. Iím now in it for the Show, for the Fun, for the Experience, for the Learning and most of all meeting a lot of great people through words. I enjoy writing a review or an opinion if I think I have something worthwhile to say and that I can say it good enough that other people enjoy reading it. The rating of my reviews were important to me at one time but I really donít care about that aspect of it anymore. You can believe that or not, itís up to you to decide. Yes I do get a little upset when I get a NR rating and they donít tell me why. Well maybe sometimes I get a lot upset when they arenít respectful enough to at least leave me a comment. I have to say to myself that they are either leaving a revenge rating or they are someone that I shouldnít worry about anyway if they have no respect for me I should have none for them either. If I have errors/mistakes wrong information or have said something wrong please at least have the decency to tell me in comments, send me an Email something? Maybe it is something I can Edit or a better way I can write my next review. Please let me know something because you are not helping me improve by not saying anything?

Do ratings really matter that much to most people? Yes some really do care a lot about ratings. They even get upset with an SR rating even though that is still a good/average rating. They still got their one cent so what difference does it make? Well it seems they worry about to many non HR ratings bringing their review down to low on the list of reviews. I myself never really paid attention to this so called list and I never will. If my review is last or on the bottom as some call it, so what? Itís just too bad we have so many people that worry about these kind of things. How about just writing great reviews and letting the chips fall where they may? Besides itís really only a ďBIG SHOWĒ after all. You show us how well you can write and we in turn reward you with our pennies every time we read your reviews.


For the few of you that seem to be allergic to ďCAPSĒ writing I kept it to a minimum this time, I hope you didnít break out with any hives this time? If I was really here only to make money and didnít care what my reviews look like or how they read I would be churning them out left and right but thatís not me. To all of you that have read this review and any other review I have written Thank You all so very much for dropping by. Thank you also for leaving comments on so many of my reviews. I love comments very much and they help to build my Ego. Thanks for letting me read your great reviews in turn. Lastly Thank all of you who have helped me improve my writing and please donít stop making suggestions either in your reviews or comments to mine. As I always like to say comments and suggestions are always appreciated if you can be nice about it. Thanks for your time today, Have A Great Day and God Bless You All, Ron.


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