What Kirkstir wrote about in December made an impact in August

Aug 4, 2000

I started out visiting Eopinions.com a couple of months ago. My first few visits were just to browse the opinions and familiarize myself with this handy new tool.

A few weeks ago I wrote my first opinion about a company I feel passionate about. Then wrote a few more. My passion for what I do may have been the initial driver, but after I spent time reading how people felt about me (I take some opinions to heart because they can be valuable tools in my every day life.) I changed my opinion about protecting my colleagues and defending my brand no matter what the cost.

I always saw myself as a very customer-friendly. WRONG - boy what planet have I been on. It became evident (I mean crystal clear) to me that as a manager my actions and those of my peers directly impact a consumer's good/bad dining experience. Taking this new revelation and a few other compelling reasons I decided maybe our customers should know more; maybe if they knew some of the root causes for their good/not-so-good experiences they could make more informed choices.

I have gotten some good comments on my reviews. Others probably wonder if I'm still back on that planet. Either way, it gave me lots to think about.

Trust is quite an honor. I understand the Web of Trust now and while not perfect; it can be a very valuable tool.

If there comes a time that I trust an opinion without second-guessing it, then said writer will be deserving of that honor. It will have nothing to do on anything I've shared about.

I know I tend to be a bit verbose, but that's me. Bottom line, Kirkstir thanks for taking away the veil of mystery from the Web of Trust.

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