Web of Trust - my angle to it....

Mar 8, 2000

I admit I don't completely understand this web of trust thing, but I put folks on it that I have read their epinions a few times and liked what they write. I don't necessarily have to agree with it, but like the way they write and the subjects.

I also think their articles don't have to be spelling or grammar perfect, because in all my years on this earth - I must say I have not met a perfect person yet. We all makes mistakes.

Most people I have on my web of trust are people I mainly picked at random, probably from the "this just in area", liked what I read and went and read more of their epinions. I than marked his/her name to have more of their epinions sent. I liked them and put them on my web of trust.

I must also say I get a little upset when people constantly go around and criticize everyone's epinions for spelling or picky little things they don't like.

To sum it up, no one is perfect and we are all here for the same reason - to have fun, meet interesting people, and make the almighty buck.

I also consider it an honor for someone to put me on their web of trust since I think it must mean I am doing something right in here.

Have a wonderful time and keep writing everyone - those pennies add up fast!

Best regards,


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