Uncovering a Epinions Scam

Apr 17, 2000

I'm totally getting sick of this! recently I noticed a huge scam in Epinions...people have been writing nonsense reviews using word padding, or cut and paste. While rating reviews I came across a member called "GayAss" as offensive as the name sounds I put him/her on my distrust list and went on reviewing. Around 10 minutes later the another "Gayass" wrote a review, what I began to notice was he/she was off my distrust list. I put him/her back on and began to wonder why he/she was off my list. 10 minutes later after that "Gayass" wrote again and he was off my list...I went back to my distrust list and noticed there were a couple "GayAss" on my distrust list.

what I found out was that "Gayass" was joining epinions many times by just changing his/her number at the end of his/her name ...for example there is "Gayass56" or "Gayass24" multiple names!!! ranging from Gayass24 to Gayass55. I'm not stupid, and clearly Gayass thinks that Epinions can be fooled by his/her scheming tricks. I would report Gayass, but I don't know how and Epinions never respond to my E-mails. I'm clearly sick of this! its not fair to the other people who write descent reviews!

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