It shouldn't be the Pain of Trust

Nov 2, 2000

I have put off writing this epinion because more than offering advice I am afraid I am going to waste this space to vent on my *biggest* pet peeve regarding this site. I'll try to keep it productive.

It is the Web of Trust!! Not to mention all the odds and ends and hassles that come with it. Maybe it is a self-esteem issue with me and the fact that I hate to feel unliked or that I don't fit in. But moreover, I think I just hate feeling duped.

The Pain of Trust, and my biggest peeve!
We all know and hate the revenge raters, but is there such a thing as revenge trusting?

I'm not talking about distrusting someone for reasons of getting even but more over trusting someone for the sole purpose of gaining their trust back. Sometimes it's to boost their own stats of how trusted they are and their trust in you remains, other times it's to gain your trust and then they dump you from theirs.

They often show their faces by trusting you out of the blue, not having read many or even any of your reviews, then drop you after you don't trust them back right away. Luckily, they usually don't hide their intentions very well.

Who I trust is who I trust
If you look at my WOT, most likely you'll see people who are avid writers that I enjoy reading. They are people who enjoy this site and are a great help to people seeking information of many kinds.

There are also a few newer writers that are entertaining and show promise and there is even one writer, who is my favorite in the real world, and hasn't had time to write anything on Epinions yet. But I know I trust him because I have been the biggest fan of his writing for years. You'll be impressed too!! He's Hot_Lizard_Boy... watch for him.

How I trust
I typically read 10-50 reviews a day. If it's my day off, I might get to more. I am easily entertained, especially by humor and just plain odd reviews, as long as they contain something useful in them. Different is better, usually.

But I have to read several of a writer's epinions before I even have a clue if I can relate to their writings, let alone trust them.

Most often, I sit back, watch their patterns, check out the boards about them (good and bad) and see how involved they are. Sometimes I even email them beforehand to see if they are friendly, if I have things in common with them besides Epinions.

How don't I trust
I don't base my trust entirely on ratings. My favorite epinion I've ever written was on Marriage and only has a Recommended rating. Why? Because it's short and to the point. Does it lack the substance of some of my lengthier reviews? Not at all! It probably has more. But on this site, length = higher ratings.

I don't base my trust on who a person "hangs out" with or who they trust on their own web. They have their reasons, I have mine, you have yours. My concern is if I trust them and am going to following their work, I want to be able to read it.

It all boils down to...
Read what you like, and trust who you want. Don't worry if they don't trust you back, your lists don't have to match. That is the way the site is designed to work.

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