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May 31, 2000

I have seen a few articles under this topic addressing the hidden members that trust them. One was very interesting, it was addressed specifically to those members.

The truth
Have you ever seen a button that says, "Trust member anonymously."?

No, and neither have I. The truth is that once your web of trust gets to over 200 people, Epinions automatically makes you hidden to the members you are trusting.

You can still see them on your list, they can see their names on your list. But, your name will not show up on their list except for one of the hidden trusties.

What this means
Don't feel too special if you have lots of anonymous fans, Epinions has done, in part, a good thing. This is keeping abusers from getting more money for trusting lots of people that will in turn read some of his/her articles.

As of writing this, I have 12 hidden members in my list.

Of course, there are sides to this that are bad. Some members just do a lot of reading and know how to use the WOT's of other people to find good writers that they trust. This can quickly escalate to over 200 people. Which means you won't be able to brag you have such an esteemed member trusting you.

Several of my favorite writers on this website have over 200 members on their lists and I respect each and every one of them since they have gained the trust of that person.

Counter measures
I recently revamped my WOT of 51 people and removed those that had been inactive for a month or more. I was also disappointed to find tickets ranging from plagiarism to referral marketing. I have since been a lot more picky in my choices. I have added more people since I downsized, I think I was able to remove fifteen people without regret.

If you have over 200 people the same scale can easily equate to sixty members. It may be worth a try, plus it will give you a chance to visit your members latest articles.

I am disappointed that Epinions does not have a way to show those members that truly have read articles from each person in their WOT.

Sooner or later I am certain I will find over 200 people to bestow my trust upon, and I hope Epinions has this problem cleared up by then.

Until then, don't get too excited when you see that lots of hidden members had trusted you, as some of them may just be in it for the money.

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