The 22 Distrusted On My List

May 5, 2000

Recently I read an article by 401402, one of the true stars at this site - I absolutely admire his articles in the Kids and Family section - and one of the most respected epinionators. It was called Adolf Hitler Super Star. He was referring to the tiny hate crowd this site has managed to attract.

As having grown up as an ethnic minority in Nepal, and a definite cultural minority also in the American context, I take a keen interest in issues related to hate speech. I changed my major to Sociology not long back even when that meant being at college for one extra year because I wanted to study race and gender relations in depth. I wanted to get a deeper grasp of some of the issues that had been so central to my life.

While growing up, I have had women relatives tell me men will never know what it means to give birth. There might be some truth to that statement. Similarly, I feel being a minority person gives you perspectives that are hard to explain sometimes. What is so obvious to you is not always so to someone who has not been at the receiving end of hate speech or discrimination or plain old prejudice.

I first bumped into this gang of hatemongers in the section on Multicultural Families. That is when I started compiling the list of the distrusted. They seem to like each other and feed on each other's epinions, and so my list is at a convenient 22 as of now. I explored around their little network and listed as many of them as I could.

They are blatantly racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobic, and if you react negatively to them, they seem to like it even more. The best strategy would be to ignore them if we can, and to make it clear we disapprove of them should they surface in any major way. Even better would be for the rest of us to express our views on the same topics so as to offer a clear contrast to what they have to say.

There is no denying hate is a reality out there in the world. And I am not surprised that some of that has crept into this site. But I would be surprised if the rest of us did not react to the hatemongers by making it clear they just can not hope to have trunk with the rest of us. And it is within our reach to tie those "stones" of NRs round their articles, should they surface in any of the categories, and sink them to the bottom.

The rest of us need to express solidarity because it is unrealistic to wish they did not exist or simply disappeared.

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