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Location: The Garden State
About Me: Sweet,sweet is the night! Dark, dark were the days!

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adryan110200 I am mommy to adryan, the most beautiful wonderful lil man around.
Location: Denver
Jun 21, 2001

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

anadandy First time, working mother. First time as a mother, that is.
Location: Rhode Island

andaryl Sorry for the inactivity, going through a breakup, will be back
Location: California via Yorkshire
Dec 12, 2008

angelwings724 Single mom
Location: Arkansas
Jul 16, 2009

aohcapablanca Husband. Father. Grandfather. Catholic. Rotarian. Retired US Senior Foreign Service. Asheville Torch Club charter member.
Location: Black Mountain,North Carolina, USA
May 18, 2008

badbonz0007 I am finally done writing my first novel called "Death of a Family".
Location: IN. United States
Jan 29, 2008

BALLLzzz -

bceaglesfan Enjoy epinions, family, friends, not in that order, ok maybe in that order.
Location: 25 miles Northwest of Boston

becky2259 Married with Grown Children, a Cairn Terrier named Riley, and Tinkerbelle the Cat
Location: Chicago
Jun 28, 2011

Birdfeather Need a wireless router?
Location: Louisiana
Jun 2, 2005

blimbach Grandmother of 4 (so far), married to the same great guy since 1961, retired teacher.
Location: Illinois, near the Wisconsin border

bluehawq Location: North Carolina Jul 5, 2001

boden11 boden11 loves gambling...errr investing in the stock market and and doing his own taxes
Location: California
Jun 2, 2005

bonniesayers Editor for AutismSpectrumDisorders site
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Oct 22, 2001

BrendaMetcalf Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk...
Location: Who Knows?
Oct 30, 2001

carmenbabylove Aug 6, 2008

cjrmen12 Love games, 4wheeling , bodyboarding, volleyball, skydiving...until I had the kids
Location: Bay Area
May 7, 2001

cmuir RIP Lady Cynic, I am going to miss you my friend
Location: Northwest Pa.
Jul 22, 2008

cntaur5 I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
Location: Georgia

Location: The Land Of Ahhh's
Jul 23, 2001

craftswoman I blog about all aspects of good health: marcellarousseau.wordpress.com
Location: Indiana
Mar 30, 2012

dbsav I only write epinions when I feel strongly about a subject.
Location: Boston, MA
Jul 8, 2002

ddustyrose Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Location: Tennessee
Oct 27, 2010

disartain Happy 4th of July.
Location: Somewhere in SC
Feb 3, 2005

djgeiger I am a writer and the Exotic Pets Editor for BellaOnline.com.
Location: Huron, South Dakota USA

dolphinboy I am a psychologist, author of two books, and a reviewer on two sites.
Location: The Great Lakes of Michigan
Jul 23, 2009

Donnie013 Using the name MEG WATERS, my first book MAX is done and available at www.Xlibris.com
Location: Punta Gorda Isles, FL
Jun 25, 2001

Dr.P I am a Psychologist/Musician with a love for music and animals of all species.
Jun 22, 2011

drdanlag My book, Reality Poetry is publshed !
Location: Southern California
Dec 12, 2006

econger Epinions member from 'back in the day' who recently remembered the site existed.
Location: Maryland

elzora A clean home is a sign of a broken computer.
Location: Alaska
Jan 1, 2008

fishifishi Any reason to try a new restaurant and new wine!
Location: Hartford
Aug 3, 2011

gaelkm "Much truth is said in jest". (Chaucer)
Location: out on the western cape....
Jan 25, 2008

gamblin_man Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional
Location: Northwest
Feb 4, 2005

George_Chabot Seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington
Location: Atlanta. GA. USA
Aug 24, 2011

glen22 Always trying to find products of good quality and value, preferably made in the U.S.A.
Location: Arizona USA
Jul 25, 2009

golferinfr Epinions has been one of the highlights of my life.
Location: Thurmont, Maryland
Dec 22, 2004

gothicdreams Enjoy the Outdoors.
Location: USA
Feb 15, 2008

greenboat Every man's filth smells sweet to him. -Erasmus
Location: Lost
Feb 24, 2002

harveypeters Location: Hillsboro, KS -

henry_thoreau Every day's a holiday!
Location: Olathe, KS USA
Jan 28, 2008

ifif1938 Going through some heavy duty health issues now. Sorry I won't be around much.
Location: Miami, Fl
Jun 25, 2008

Ironcladd James Paul Zaworski is an English lecturer, archaeologist and anthropologist.
Location: Macau, China
Jul 5, 2001

jayherm Recent law school graduate and am enjoying writing reviews once again.
Location: Milwaukee, WI
May 21, 2001

JBduckling The boys have Mommy's good looks. There's a resemblance between me and cat. Poor Kitty!
Location: The Great State of Wisconsin
Sep 2, 2012

jcme Lots going on - have been away for quite awhile but hope to be back!
Location: The Midwest
Feb 6, 2005

jcvsmom Location: Upper Peninsula, Michigan Jul 17, 2001

JediKermit Books, Movies, and Toys. Is there more to life?
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Feb 15, 2008

jenniferkateab Geographer~ Mother~ Wife~ Cartographer~ Renaissance Woman
Location: Rocky Mtns.
Jul 14, 2009

jlava73 Its a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy. Lucille Ball
Location: Massachusetts
Sep 2, 2012

jloach Me? I like things simple, not complicated.
Location: Ohio
Dec 28, 2004

johncolter Proud father and husband. 4th Grade Teacher. TarHeel born and TarHeel bred!
Location: Northwest North Carolina
Feb 6, 2009

k1rdm PA born and raised, 50-something Mechanical Engineer. Love NH and my family here.
Location: Manchester, NH, US of A
Mar 23, 2010

kamel622 I'm not SixtySomething....I'm $59.95 Plus Shipping and Handling!
Location: Wisconsin
Jan 23, 2013

kbolton72 Location: Florida Jul 23, 2001

kevlog I am constantly overwhelmed with the richness of life.
Location: Southeastern Massachusetts
Aug 27, 2008

Kissikins Jun 9, 2001

Location: Jackson Tennessee USA W-TN
Feb 20, 2002

Lark729_89 Never forget all the families of the victims in Newtown, CT.
Location: Massachusetts
Feb 13, 2012

latakiahaze Still around when time allows / can be bothered
Location: Faversham, Kent, England
Jul 17, 2001

lllovemakeup Location: Texas Jul 7, 2009

Logster55 Hello, I enjoy writing from a different point of view.
Location: Washington State
Apr 22, 2003

lorace No matter how you spell it, L-U-V_still says_LOVE! Hope your day is full of it!
Location: The Heavenly Realm
Feb 3, 2005

lordlucan Travelling the world in search of the genuine bargain !
Aug 9, 2001

louisdrinkingt I love scooter riding, visiting new places, but limit that pleasure in rainy season.
Location: View of the Med.
Jul 7, 2009

maceyr I hardly have time for Epinions anymore but do try to read and rate.
Location: Canada

Machelle Location: Alabama -

majenta Make sure you give the next chapter time to exist.
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania USA
Jul 5, 2009

meleahk Location: Florida Jan 31, 2008

melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Jul 16, 2001

michiman1 Enough with the global warming B.S. Gore & Obama should spend some time in Michigan!
Location: Motor City
Sep 7, 2003

mountainhigh Sometimes, a miracle will happen before you realize it did
Location: Beautiful Pacific Northwest
Nov 7, 2011

mql1208 Street Soccer USA CUP NYC Square July 20-22!Semis and Final in Times Square.
Location: Northeastern suburbia
Jun 13, 2008

Mrsfitts Retired
Location: Yosemite Lakes, CA
Feb 4, 2005

mszorak Location: Connecticut -

nancy1972 Location: .new york Aug 6, 2008

nancy35c Location: New York -

Naomi7835 Everything Grows With Love!
Location: Upstate NY
May 20, 2008

naphtalia He reminded her of a slinky, so she pushed him downstairs.
Location: Somewhere in Southern California for Now
May 3, 2002

nhan26 2D/3D Web/graphic designer/animator originally from Tokyo, Japan
Location: Southern California
Jul 13, 2001

nibor I'm in Florida. I don't miss the cold but I miss my friends.
Location: Tallahassee FL
Feb 4, 2009

norman1978 Location: Indiana Oct 25, 2001

nortos Location: Hempstead, NY May 20, 2004

p5cat Location: California Aug 3, 2011

pablothegreat Location: Going, going, gone... Jul 2, 2008

partners No matter where you go, There you are.
Location: Kansas

PattyTherre My reviews pull no punches about the bad, the good, and the ripoffs!
Location: Upstate NY
Jun 12, 2008

pilarzmom Will be starting my own review blog soon! Stay tuned!
Aug 6, 2008

PPerky1954 Beautiful weather again. YAY
Location: Citrus County Florida
Feb 10, 2005

racewriter I am new to Epinions and look to write a lot of reviews!
Location: New Jersey
Jul 22, 2010

rgathright The Amazing AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Black Edition Processor
Location: Lake Charles, LA
Jun 27, 2008

rudixeno "Nothing is to be more highly prized than the value of each day"
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Dec 12, 2006

selden Location: Canberra, ACT. Australia -

seth25 Location: Canada Jun 23, 2008

skhong My short bio: woodworking, photography, trucks...
Location: Minnesota, US
Jan 31, 2002

smallmouth Tips for Members, New and Old!
Location: Up North'
Feb 15, 2008

smorg Classical music & opera fan in Southern California with lots of furry friends.
Location: Southern California, USA
Dec 5, 2006

sparkospunky SAP is now disabled. I cannot add new products to the catalogue in Musical Equipment.
Location: Jackson, Tennessee
Nov 28, 2006

Steelfan Casual Woodworker and Novice Handyman. Tools and Lawn/Garden are my favorite areas. Go Steelers!!!
Location: Central PA
Jul 21, 2008

stuleg Also known as tractor-boy on Ciao and stuleg on Dooyoo.
Location: Essex, England
Feb 6, 2005

susieq112 Jun 3, 2009

Suzer Compromise-Art of slicing the cake so each person thinks they have the biggest piece.
Location: Southern Calif.
Jun 2, 2005

teddiec I'll get it together..eventually
Jun 14, 2001

Location: A Galaxy Far Far Away
Mar 15, 2010

texas-swede "Visual Studio 2010 Professional" is a Powerful IDE.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Jul 16, 2009

the_gas_man Still venting, after all these years...
Location: Where I Need To Be
Jun 20, 2008

theresaro Wow its been a very long time.. My account got deactivated. Had to react.
Feb 8, 2005

Thorbjore Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up.
Location: Pittsfield, MA USA
Oct 30, 2001

Tibullus Sometimes I like to look up and smile for the satellite pictures.
Location: Minneapolis, MN
May 19, 2001

toiletoctopus Trying to regain some form with regards to writing. Burn out is for real.
Location: The People's Republic of Virginia
Aug 20, 2008

trailhound Long Live Epinions?
Location: Denver
Sep 3, 2012

whitty is d'eirinn me
Location: Philadelphia, PA
May 21, 2001

WulfsDen Too Hot? Tips on buying an Air Conditioner.
Location: NJ, USA
Jul 15, 2009

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