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shopaholic_man is an Advisor on Epinions in Music
Location: Near Boston, MA
About Me: Been writing reviews here since 2004. Check them out!

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clearspaces Location: unknown Sep 19, 2013

le_domaine The Sizzling Summer of 2013. Not a book title; it's real, here.
Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro
Sep 17, 2013

yarnlady25 Location: Boston, Massachusetts May 16, 2013

theycallmep Jun 18, 2012

bilbopooh Quite a little fellow in a wide world, after all.
Location: Erie, PA
Dec 7, 2011

thewisefool Eccentric Midwestern U.S. gal who loves writing.
Location: Joplin, MO, USA
Nov 17, 2011

swooshfan2 Would love to find some new reviewable Christmas CDs in the database to write about...
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Sep 17, 2011

msiduri Only 15 words? Sword & Magic Helmet. URL above (GRUMBLE)
Location: CA
Sep 7, 2011

lordfrost The artist formerly known as netnut746
Location: NJ
Jan 22, 2011

p5cat Location: California Dec 19, 2010

Dec 17, 2010

kiwifella Kiwifella is a New Zealand freelance writer known in his home country as Writerman.
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Nov 14, 2010

antastic Oct 29, 2010

foshizzlee I enjoy watching and reviewing as many films as I can!
Oct 20, 2010

jsmorris Life is fun! It's all a matter of perspective...
Location: Southern California
Sep 15, 2010

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