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Location: South Australia
About Me: my FIRST BOOK is now at http://www.trafford.com/robots/03-2725.html

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b46680 Jun 10, 2006

cheekyred23 If chocolate is bad then I'm a bad, bad girl
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Apr 23, 2006

mrkstvns If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.
Location: Lone Star State
Mar 17, 2005

kristinafh Here, there, anywhere. I am a chick on the move.
Location: Indiana
Jul 24, 2004

drdevience Game over.
Location: Sweden
Jul 7, 2004

popsrocks At This Time SAPs Cannot Be Input...Perhaps in the future.
Location: Long Island, New York
May 22, 2004

s_trimble I'm back to my roots, writing business newsletters for Progressive Business Publications.
Location: West Chester, PA
Apr 24, 2004

artbyjude If I'd known TODAY was to be my TOMORROW I woulda done better YESTERDAY.
Location: In a state of confusion
Sep 19, 2003

Location: Chile
Feb 28, 2003

dedemw No drama.. just done
Jul 22, 2002

shoplmart It's all about hydrogen....
Location: Atlantic Coast
Jul 18, 2002

eskimo101 Welcome back, Peter... Things are looking up!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Jun 29, 2002

lorace No matter how you spell it, L-U-V_still says_LOVE! Hope your day is full of it!
Location: The Heavenly Realm
Jun 26, 2002

WulfsDen Too Hot? Tips on buying an Air Conditioner.
Location: NJ, USA
Jun 10, 2002

mountainhigh Sometimes, a miracle will happen before you realize it did
Location: Beautiful Pacific Northwest
Jun 6, 2002

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