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sojournseeker is a Top Reviewer on Epinions in Music
Location: Cleveland, Earth
About Me: Cosmetics,Cleaning&Food reviews=Ingredients please. R.I.P. dads/cats. SeekTruth,Write it !!!

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Arthur.Rubin Expert in mathematics, computers, income tax, with a wide variety of interests.
Location: Brea, CA, USA
Aug 17, 2011

fudge23 My major themes are consumer electronics, computer products, organizational products, baby products, travel and more!
Location: LA, CA
Aug 17, 2011

CindyJean My Christmas Picks: The 10 Best Christmas Movies.
Location: Oregon
Aug 15, 2011

cletta1201 All I want is everything.
Location: Northern Virginia
Aug 15, 2011

kedsand1 I love it when a plan comes together.
Location: California, USA
Aug 13, 2011

nc10 Location: Louisiana Aug 10, 2011

dtv_engineer Husband and father; television broadcast engineer; church media tech
Location: Syracuse, New York
Aug 10, 2011

flamepillar Think I might come back as a games reviewer for a while. We'll see.
Location: Neenah, WI
Aug 10, 2011

djgeiger I am a writer and the Exotic Pets Editor for BellaOnline.com.
Location: Huron, South Dakota USA
Aug 10, 2011

jbrd Location: On your computer screen, Everywhere Aug 9, 2011

leer83 Fellow toy-enthusiast and on occasion reviewer of other things such as movies and gadgets.
Location: New York
Aug 4, 2011

MississippiMom I enjoy stopping by every once in awhile to read and rate reviews
Location: New York
Aug 4, 2011

Rock_On Check out my youtube channel and hit me up on 360! Gamer Tag: dang5hoot
Location: Brownsburg, Indiana
Aug 4, 2011

lilsquibb The only limits you have are self imposed.
Location: Michigan
Jul 31, 2011


State Farm stinks ...find out why ...State Farm Stinks!
Location: Iowa
Jul 31, 2011

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