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About Me: Reviewing music until the heart's content. Which is never.

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carstairs38 Getting hooked on Veronica Mars all over again.
Location: Sunny Southern CA
Jul 7, 2012

lordfrost The artist formerly known as netnut746
Location: NJ
Jul 5, 2012

nick7jq Hey, how is it going
Location: Sunrise, Fl
Jul 4, 2012

theycallmep Jul 4, 2012

opinionated44 Just recently hit 50 reviews :)
Mar 11, 2012

siamesemuzzle Vinyl. Noise. Vinyl. Noise.
Jun 15, 2011

golferinfr Epinions has been one of the highlights of my life.
Location: Thurmont, Maryland
Apr 20, 2011

sojournseeker Cosmetics,Cleaning&Food reviews=Ingredients please. R.I.P. dads/cats. SeekTruth,Write it !!!
Location: Cleveland, Earth
Jan 25, 2011

crownroyal05 Location: Houston, TX Jan 10, 2011

steelretina Jan 6, 2011

jeff_wilder78 "I don't owe you anything!"-Foo Fighters.
Location: Sunrise Florida USA
Jan 6, 2011

JediKermit Books, Movies, and Toys. Is there more to life?
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 4, 2011

phungus Want to know about my Hurricane Katrina experience? See KatrinaWedding.com.
Location: Biloxi, MS
Jan 4, 2011

bablondie25 I stay at home with my kids, dessert-style soap maker, design t-shirts, write.
Location: Seattle Area
Jan 3, 2011

bmcnichol Without God, we are just "one nation under"
Location: Dover, PA
Dec 30, 2010

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