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Member: Craig Erickson
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Chemist, home handyman tackling anything, plumbing, electrical, A/C, carpentry, tile, drywall, masonry, roofing etc.  more
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Jan 31, 2011 great value & features for the low price Product info temporarily unavailable.
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Aug 31, 2009 They have changed for much worse, don't buy. 2/2011 deltamagazines.com
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Mar 8, 2009 Irwin 7/8"-3" adjustable wood drill bit 45002 Irwin 7/8" - 3" Adjustable Wood Drill Bits - 45002 (24721100191)
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Mar 6, 2009 Presto Electric Knife Model 0382001 Presto Electric Knife
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Mar 6, 2009 Drill Bought in 1998 is Still a WINNER! DeWalt Heavy-Duty 9.6v Compact 3/8" Adjustable Drill/Driver DW952K-2/DW952B
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About staygreen
I like to fix stuff and keep it working. I have the following purchased new and still working in regular use: 1969 20" rotary lawn mower 1970 washer and dryer 1971 dishwasher 1972 electric range 1972 24" two-stage snowblower 1974 in-ground natural gas grill 1978 MIG welder 1979 drip coffee maker 1980 lawn tractor 1985 whole house tankless water heater