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A retired Professional from 40 years in technical Sales & Marketing.  more
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About tennis_player
I retired in 1999 from Professional Sales, Marketing and Sales Management in semi-high tech areas over 35 years with just two national companies, selling leading edge technology to major accounts.

I earned a B.S. in Business Admin; minored in Engineering, from Portland State University, a long, long time ago.

We have traveled extensively in Europe, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. I traveled enough on business to reach the Premier Executive level, United Airlines Mileage Plus frequent flier program. This is how we have been able to afford foreign travel.

We were both avid tennis players, but after 2 hip replacements and 2 back operations, we no longer play tennis. We did, however, manage to experience, first-hand, all the Tennis Grand Slam tournament events, including Wimbledon (twice to U.S. Open, twice to French Open and once to Australian Open). Having completed our Spectator's Grand Slam, reviews on all four events have been posted.

We like to eat, especially various ethnic cuisines. I was a former Special Contributor on the Prodigy Classic BB in the Homelife, and known on the Food and Travel BBs. However, I've had to tone that down a bit as I am on a low-fat diet regimen, now.

While tennis was my first love, I have participated in skydiving, scuba, free-air diving, wind surfing, hang gliding, soloed in an ultra light aircraft, ridden 400cc dirt bikes, etc. in years past but have now begun to slow down. I'm now a big golf nut, playing at least twice a week.

I also have a much greater appreciation of life now, having "died" once. In March 2000, I suffered Ventricular Fibrillation on board public transit. This is, normally, a fatal event. Fortunately, a bystander expert in CPR kept me going until the paramedics arrived. I had no detectable pulse for over 12 minutes. It took them 6 attempts with the portable defibrillator unit to bring me back. The survival rate for this kind of event, I am told, is only 2%. I don't know why I was so lucky but I make sure the families of the people that helped me have a nice Christmas every year. I am fully recovered from that cardiac event and the resulting quadruple bypass surgery.

So, I'm more mellow, now. As they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff!"

And speaking of luck, I was fortunate enough to be selected along with 5 others to be featured in a national TV ad campaign by Weber, the Grill People. You may have seen me during the BBQ season of 2005 and 2006. That was a lot of fun and a most unique experience. No, we did not get residuals but we did get a new Weber grill of our choice for our time and effort. Anyone with questions or comments are welcome to e-mail me at: askquon@yahoo.com

Addena: I've also become quite knowledgeable about Apparatus (Machine, not mat) Pilates because I used it to take care of a pinched sciatic nerve problem that had stopped me from playing tennis at all for about 2 years. 7 months of Pilates was far better than 7 years of Physical Therapy. I was issued a Permanent Handicap Placard per the request by my Orthopedic Surgeon for my first hip replacement. That scared me because he said that from a review of the X-rays of my lower back in prep for the hip procedure, he could see that I had serious spinal issues and that he was doing me a favor by authorizing a Permanent Handicap status. He thinks I am a walking miracle because I am now able to walk 18 holes of golf on a regular basis. He did not believe that Pilates or any other kind of non invasive treatment could take the place of surgery to straighten the spine enough to relieve the pinched nerves in the lumbar area. I continue on a maintenance regimen. There is a fringe benefit to the Pilates regimen, I have increased my drive distance in golf by over 40 yds. longer. I now hit as far as the "Big Dogs" in our Retired Mens' Group and that is without the expense of any additional lessons or better equipment.