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shasanchez free-spirited freelance writer
Dec 3, 2012

adamlitch Jan 1, 2012

familycheckout Nov 11, 2009

nibor I'm in Florida. I don't miss the cold but I miss my friends.
Location: Tallahassee FL
Jan 4, 2009

ddustyrose Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Location: Tennessee
Sep 23, 2008

aries_hu I am an representative of local government of Pilis city and owner Aries sites.
Location: Pilis, Pest, Hungary
Apr 16, 2008

drdanlag My book, Reality Poetry is publshed !
Location: Southern California
Aug 24, 2006

RcknRbn3 Location: Western New York Aug 13, 2006

goldabraun Young married woman, into beauty, fashion, heath, science, technology, movies, and dining. Med School Hopeful.
Location: Minneapolis
Feb 24, 2006

charles_vick Location: Frederick, Maryland Dec 6, 2005

smoke0845 Location: Cambridge, MA, USA Oct 15, 2005

vchand More reviews by vchand!
Location: San Francisco, CA
Jul 26, 2005

babymoi14 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Jul 10, 2005

mothermeatloaf The road back to regularly reading, writing, and rating is a winding one...I'm trying!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Jun 7, 2005

musiciansfiend Location: Alabama Jun 5, 2005

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