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dtv_engineer Husband and father; television broadcast engineer; church media tech
Location: Syracuse, New York
Jul 5, 2013

rfish Enjoys Star Trek, Science Fiction conventions/collecting, gardening(flowers and vegetable), working with the Boy Scouts.
Location: East Hartford, Connecticut
May 15, 2013

tbrown Location: USA May 15, 2013

jump_chump I'm an Epinions Engineer.
Location: Pacifica, CA
Feb 18, 2013

Stephen_Murray San Franciscan originally from rural southern Minnesota
Location: San Francisco
Feb 7, 2013

vmadwop1 Wishing everyone a blessed year. Happy New Year to everyone.
Location: FL.
Feb 2, 2013

Birdfeather Need a wireless router?
Location: Louisiana
Feb 1, 2013

jdornoff Freelance Photographer and Writer, Urban Planning student
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Feb 1, 2013

njchicaa "I'm growing older but not up." --Jimmy Buffett
Location: NJ
Jan 30, 2013

mountainhigh Sometimes, a miracle will happen before you realize it did
Location: Beautiful Pacific Northwest
Jan 28, 2013

buzymommy I'm one busy mommy!!
Jan 25, 2013

bmcnichol Without God, we are just "one nation under"
Location: Dover, PA
Jan 23, 2013

DeRango Computers, Land Surveyor, Love to share and learn new things...
Location: Chicagoland
Dec 30, 2012

toiletoctopus Trying to regain some form with regards to writing. Burn out is for real.
Location: The People's Republic of Virginia
Oct 12, 2012

jlava73 “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” Lucille Ball
Location: Massachusetts
Aug 23, 2012

bluehawq Location: North Carolina Aug 23, 2012

seracorde11 Somewhere over the rainbow...
Location: Arkansas
Aug 23, 2012

k1rdm PA born and raised, 50-something Mechanical Engineer. Love NH and my family here.
Location: Manchester, NH, US of A
Aug 23, 2012

JiggyJay Smash is the way I deal with my life.
Location: Bellflower, CA USA
Mar 19, 2012

JBduckling The boys have Mommy's good looks. There's a resemblance between me and cat. Poor Kitty!
Location: The Great State of Wisconsin
Mar 19, 2012

knotheadusc Arghh!
Location: San Antonio
Mar 19, 2012

mommy1usa I am a stay at home Mom just doing what I love.
Location: Hobart, IN USA
Mar 19, 2012

bablondie25 I stay at home with my kids, dessert-style soap maker, design t-shirts, write.
Location: Seattle Area
May 21, 2011

tennis_player A retired Professional from 40 years in technical Sales & Marketing.
Location: Northern California
May 21, 2011

p5cat Location: California May 21, 2011

willow1584 Oh to be a cat, asleep in the warm sun...
Location: Pennsylvania
May 21, 2011

coldsteel7 An Adventurers Guide To Peru
Location: Dixieland
May 8, 2011

PattyTherre My reviews pull no punches about the bad, the good, and the ripoffs!
Location: Upstate NY
Feb 17, 2011

dolphinboy I am a psychologist, author of two books, and a reviewer on two sites.
Location: The Great Lakes of Michigan
Jan 29, 2011

rgathright The Amazing AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Black Edition Processor
Location: Lake Charles, LA
Aug 21, 2010

rudixeno "Nothing is to be more highly prized than the value of each day"
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Jun 4, 2010

susieq112 Jun 4, 2010

serc mother of two kids, Registered Nurse, feminist, bibliophile, and compulsive Epinions writer
Location: Northfield, MN
Apr 5, 2010

tombarnes Hotel manager in Washington, D.C.
Location: Washington, DC
Nov 16, 2009

Horswispr "You can't unclench your teeth/to howl the way you should" --James McMurtry
Location: Hwy 101
Nov 16, 2009

jessica1121 Haven't been home much lately, so I haven't been on Epinions. But, I'm back!
Location: San Jose, CA
Nov 16, 2009

trailhound Long Live Epinions?
Location: Denver
Nov 16, 2009

chilliwi I'm around here somewhere
Location: Hop, skip, and a jump from a great lake
Aug 28, 2009

badbonz0007 I am finally done writing my first novel called "Death of a Family".
Location: IN. United States
Aug 28, 2009

ldon526 Location: Long Island, NY Jul 2, 2009

amsterdam1970 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE
Location: AprelevkaGoldMine, Republic Tadjikistan
May 7, 2009

luxuryliners Thanks to all who read and rate!
Location: Frozen North, WI, United States
Apr 27, 2009

texas-swede "Visual Studio 2010 Professional" is a Powerful IDE.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Feb 17, 2009

Bruguru Christmas in July Write off is back!
Location: Canton, Georgia.
Feb 11, 2009

longjourney Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. Chinese Proverb
Location: Texas, USA
Feb 11, 2009

gamblin_man Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional
Location: Northwest
Feb 2, 2009

andaryl Sorry for the inactivity, going through a breakup, will be back
Location: California via Yorkshire
Jan 6, 2009

cr01 Laughing in the face of "helpful". One-time Travel CL at Eeps. Lead writer at http://www.westcoast-usa-roadtrip.com/
Location: Yorkshire, England
Dec 22, 2008

talyseon The Trekkie in me is geeking out! Star Trek: Into Darkness
Location: Texarkana, AR
Nov 8, 2008

bntowen Father of five, full-time shrink, part-time writer, actor, referee, living on a massive 3/4acre estate.
Location: North Carolina Mountains, USA
Nov 7, 2008

buffoonery Patience is a virtue that I lack. Among others.
Location: Lake Forest, Illinois
Nov 7, 2008

Penguinlady Many thanks to Travel CL SurgRN911 for speedily adding Stuff for me - she's GREAT!
Location: I'd rather be in Antarctica
Oct 2, 2008

ASourdough4 A sourdough = a person born in Alaska Territory.
Sep 29, 2008

mql1208 Street Soccer USA CUP NYC Square July 20-22!Semis and Final in Times Square.
Location: Northeastern suburbia
Sep 18, 2008

JediKermit Books, Movies, and Toys. Is there more to life?
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep 17, 2008

telynor I wish I could SAP books again...
Location: On the banks of the Hudson River
Jul 10, 2008

three_ster A Great Snow Blower!
Location: Somewhere near the land of the lost
Jun 26, 2008

elzora A clean home is a sign of a broken computer.
Location: Alaska
May 25, 2008

moonsista Happiness is a Boston Terrier!
Location: Northeast Ohio
May 25, 2008

pilarzmom Will be starting my own review blog soon! Stay tuned!
Apr 26, 2008

smorg Classical music & opera fan in Southern California with lots of furry friends.
Location: Southern California, USA
Apr 16, 2008

annalin A generally happy and optimistic, yet opinionated gal...
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Apr 12, 2008

chelledun I've been at this for 10 years now!
Location: The Hoosier State
Apr 7, 2008


State Farm stinks ...find out why ...State Farm Stinks!
Location: Iowa
Mar 22, 2008

kamel622 I'm not SixtySomething....I'm $59.95 Plus Shipping and Handling!
Location: Wisconsin
Mar 22, 2008

Freak369 7% Terminator, 4% silicone, 38% muscle, 51% freak
Mar 22, 2008

reginafug “So the writer who breeds more words_than_he_needs, is making_a_chore_for_the_reader_who reads.” ¯ Dr. Seuss
Location: Somewhere in West Africa
Mar 20, 2008

jsmorris Life is fun! It's all a matter of perspective...
Location: Southern California
Mar 2, 2008

jenniferkateab Geographer~ Mother~ Wife~ Cartographer~ Renaissance Woman
Location: Rocky Mtns.
Feb 19, 2008

ace3502 Check out my first Personal Finance Review and earn the $25 Referral Bonus!
Location: From Boston, Currently Galway, Ireland
Feb 11, 2008

dlstewart Always looking for quality at bargain prices. Author of: Mist-Seer and Harriet's Horrible Hair Day.
Location: Massachusetts -- USA
Feb 11, 2008

henry_thoreau Every day's a holiday!
Location: Olathe, KS USA
Feb 5, 2008

prfstars Hi.
Location: The Burbs
Jan 13, 2008

SurgRN911 Location: Gastonia NC Jan 13, 2008

gaelkm "Much truth is said in jest". (Chaucer)
Location: out on the western cape....
Nov 30, 2007

Carrathon I am a free lance writer and author of four books.
Location: Hatboro, PA
Nov 29, 2007

popsrocks At This Time SAPs Cannot Be Input...Perhaps in the future.
Location: Long Island, New York
Nov 27, 2007

smallmouth Tips for Members, New and Old!
Location: Up North'
Nov 26, 2007

dev-n-diva Ready for a change
Location: The Ozarks
Nov 26, 2007

BeastieGirl Wishing I was having a Passion Fruit Mojito
Nov 26, 2007

gillandtony On a temporary reprieve from studying.Recently been to New Zealand and Waiheke via China.
Location: Worcestershire, England.
Nov 21, 2007

dragonfire88 ~ The Avengers (2012) ~ Trying to catch up.
Location: Ohio
Nov 2, 2007

Don_Krider Fan of power pop (Raspberries, Badfinger, Cheap Trick, The Knack, Romantics, Slade,Sweet...) --- "Play On"!!!
Location: USA
May 22, 2001

Bryan_Carey Location: Houston, TX May 18, 2001

sparkospunky SAP is now disabled. I cannot add new products to the catalogue in Musical Equipment.
Location: Jackson, Tennessee

awoolcott I've written about video games on various websites for over 13 years. Lots of words!
Location: Arizona

Howard_Creech To see some of my images follow this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/Howard_Creech/
Location: Louisville, KY

MARIEROY A widow, grandmother, and author of romance, also love kitchen gadgets.
Location: Connecticut

jordan_tar I'm back! maybe?
Location: Tulsa OK

Mrsfitts Retired
Location: Yosemite Lakes, CA

ladycynic LadyCynic is Dead...Long live LadyCynic!

ifif1938 Going through some heavy duty health issues now. Sorry I won't be around much.
Location: Miami, Fl

thedragonweyr The sky is falling! ~Chicken Little~
Location: Appomattox, VA

frazzledspice I will never call a feature a functionality. Plain talkin' spoken here.
Location: South-Central United States

amykhar An Open Letter to New Members
Location: USA

poseidon Feel free to contact with me... my Facebook account is located at https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.schwartz.56/
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

ldusold "If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?" --Lily Tomlin
Location: Upstate New York

JDinPA If I am not here, then surely I am someplace else!
Location: The Endless Mountains

jo.com Never gave out MHs and will not be rating Expert. Come visit my store www.destinee.kitsylane.com
Location: on a bluff overlooking the ocean

DAnneC Loves history, travel, gardens, and words in general
Location: Small Town America

pogomom Web/puter person who, disguised as mild-mannered Pogomom, offers unsolicited opinions to all she encounters.

Rocketgirl So many books, so little time.
Location: Tri-Cities, WA

dannyzmom Visit my website: www.pamperedchef.biz/carolyncooks2 if you would like to feel more Pampered in the kitchen!!
Location: South Florida

surferdude7 Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. -

Hard_To_Please MARK IS MISSED!
Location: St. Louis, MO

Prepoia I Love My Family, Teaching, Reading, the Internet, and Travel (and Epinions of Course)!
Location: Michigan

viper1963 Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka�aina I Ka Pono
Location: Las Vegas

gym-378 Motorcycles, Computers, Gadgets, Cars, Books, Just about everything you could write on.
Location: Kansas City, MO

realtraveller Seeking higher ground
Location: North of Malibu, East of Eden

jnbmoore Substitute Teacher, mom to a teen, dog, and cat and wife to wonderful hubby
Location: Kansas

Mike_Bracken Let's go Pens!
Location: Spring Hill, FL

Dr_Steph Absent-minded professor...now, what were we talking about?
Location: Pacific northwest

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