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Location: Aurora, IL
About Me: ...A Great Empire cannot be Conquered from Without until it first Destroys itself From Within...

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roheblius Been here since 99.
Location: Gilroy, CA
Feb 18, 2014

majenta Make sure you give the next chapter time to exist.
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania USA
Feb 9, 2014

le_domaine The Sizzling Summer of 2013. Not a book title; it's real, here.
Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro
Mar 16, 2013

nick7jq Hey, how is it going
Location: Sunrise, Fl
Mar 12, 2013

awonderingdawn Writer of the fairytales of a tundra storyteller. Lover of arctic fox and northern lights.
Location: Alaska
Mar 10, 2013

carl_lazarevic Back and with an all new, better half!
Location: UK-(pure blood Brummie)
Feb 18, 2013

badbonz0007 I am finally done writing my first novel called "Death of a Family".
Location: IN. United States
Feb 10, 2013

jeliwobble Ex-pat Brit and Epinionator extraordinaire!
Location: Ridgefield CT
Feb 6, 2013

marksam91 Currently writing my life story. One day at a time.
Location: Pieta, Malta
Jan 31, 2013

ddustyrose Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
Location: Tennessee
Jan 30, 2013

George_Chabot Seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington
Location: Atlanta. GA. USA
Jan 30, 2013

dtv_engineer Husband and father; television broadcast engineer; church media tech
Location: Syracuse, New York
Jan 29, 2013

msiduri Only 15 words? Sword & Magic Helmet. URL above (GRUMBLE)
Location: CA
Jan 28, 2013

jsc1973 Location: Raleigh NC Jan 27, 2013

toiletoctopus Trying to regain some form with regards to writing. Burn out is for real.
Location: The People's Republic of Virginia
Jan 25, 2013

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