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Location: Happy Valley, PA
About Me: Hey Mom, how many last nerves do you have?

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gracef Well, bless your heart!
Location: Lost in Texas

jnbmoore Substitute Teacher, mom to a teen, dog, and cat and wife to wonderful hubby
Location: Kansas

kevlog I am constantly overwhelmed with the richness of life.
Location: Southeastern Massachusetts

elliejo -

Yzerman Location: Louisville, Kentucky -

Chalathra I left Epinions before but BABY I'M BACK!
Location: Temecula, CA

Ebony_Queen Location: Queens, NY -

Dianete Location: Wellington, Florida -

Hard_To_Please MARK IS MISSED!
Location: St. Louis, MO

CJsMommy Connect to me on LinkedIn!
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

willeftk Mother of 4 seeking quiet and solace...
Location: Chaos Central

KateTPZ 40-something Mom of two great kids and aspiring author in my "spare" time.
Location: North Carolina

my2girls Location: Massachusetts -

Freak369 7% Terminator, 4% silicone, 38% muscle, 51% freak

merlot Feel The Roar! GO KINGS!!!!
Location: Californina

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