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raodexi Oct 2, 2010

nolimitdomains Im just a Cool guy.
Location: Houston, Texas
Feb 25, 2008

angienic2001 "We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh"-Agnes Rippler.
Location: Full circle, back home-Iowa
Oct 24, 2006

anchyrosie Location: Europe Sep 16, 2006

spongebag7 My blog link----->>http://anom8trw8.tripod.com/blog/
Location: Tucson, Arizona, Africa
Jun 21, 2006

peaceful107 A talented writer who enjoys writing everything from poetry, stories, of course, music reviews.
Location: Clinton, MD USA
Apr 9, 2006

bdog08 A return is in the making...
Location: Canada
Feb 9, 2006

donkee Currently planning my wedding! Busy, busy, busy! :)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Feb 1, 2006

kinglear Location: New Jersey Jan 27, 2006

unleeshed2001 Location: Surrey, B.C, Canada Jan 9, 2006

nubian_cutie21 Nothing out of the ordinary,I'm just young, black & beautiful...(sigh)
Location: Toronto
Oct 18, 2005

smoke0845 Location: Cambridge, MA, USA Oct 15, 2005

firefairyangel Sep 15, 2005

anthony06511 Location: CT, USA Sep 14, 2005

breezy21206 Location: Baltimore, Maryland Sep 6, 2005

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