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Location: Columbus, OH, USA
About Me: Maybe I'll write another review someday...lots of new gear...

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Seuss gabba gabba hey
Location: Wilmington, NC
Oct 19, 2004

mcmaster I enjoy Martial arts, M.M.A., hunting, fishing, camping, firearms, archery, photography, dogs, and survival consulting.
Location: Pacific North-West
Sep 13, 2004

yakkowarner "If we all_reacted the same_way we'd be_predictable, and there's_always more_than one way to_view a_situation."
Location: Riverside, California
Jul 4, 2004

mind-full I write better than I talk.
Location: Same Place as Ever
Jun 2, 2004

peacheater A student who loves backpacking, books, and good music.
May 17, 2004

hwz1 Just got a big promotion that will move my new wife and I to Atlanta.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Apr 18, 2004

cntaur5 I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
Location: Georgia
Apr 18, 2004

AliventiAsylum Well-behaved women seldom make history ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Location: Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire
Apr 16, 2004

jo.com Never gave out MHs and will not be rating Expert. Come visit my store www.destinee.kitsylane.com
Location: on a bluff overlooking the ocean
Apr 1, 2004

jps246 Visit the Catskill Mountains - A complete guide
Location: Metrowest Boston, MA - USA
Mar 31, 2004

bmcnichol Without God, we are just "one nation under"
Location: Dover, PA
Mar 29, 2004

openroad Don't go-around saying the world owes-you a living. The world owes-you nothing. It was here-first.
Location: Northwoods, USA
Feb 21, 2004

androoos Great job-check. House-check. Wife-check. Dog-check. Kids? Uh-oh.
Location: Rome NY
Jan 15, 2004

Dargen .
Location: San Jose, CA
Jan 12, 2004

lynus I've written - can't post.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Jan 7, 2004

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