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Overall Rating:Store Rating: 5.0

The weiser place to buy at auction.

by , Jun 17, 2002 Rated a Helpful Review
The first thing you might notice about auctionweisers website is that it is actually called InterShopZone. InterShopZone is actually an Auctionweiser company.

Now when I arrived at intershopzone I noticed a few good points about just...
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Overall Rating:Store Rating: 5.0

Auctionweiser.com - Review

by , Nov 4, 2001 Rated a Helpful Review
Pros: Excellent Support, Nice Design, Original, Reasonable Fees.
Cons: Few thousand auctions, need more bidders, need more sellers.
Auctionweiser.com over the last few months has really tried to gain the attention of power sellers and small businesses combined. I have seen Auctionweiser advertise on a variety of different site.

I believe that Auctionweiser will survive...
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Overall Rating:Store Rating: 5.0
I use this site regularly to learn about online auction tips and secrets.
by ,Jul 29, 2007
Great site to learn about buying and selling through auction sites like eBay, uBid and Bidz.com! The site includes great ideas on listing items, how to earn higher status on eBay, auction news and more. You can also link to any of the major auction sites
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Showing 1-3 of 3 reviews