Dec 8, 2000

Preparation H was not listed under adult medications. I mean after all hemorrhoids is not exactly a topic that most people discuss over dinner or discuss at all for that matter.

Much like the Bag Balm ointment that I discussed in another review, Preparation H is yet another miracle product that is being used for many other reasons than the intended use. Preparation H is for treatment and relief of hemorrhoidal symptoms. Hemorrhoids are veins around the rectum area that get swollen causing irritation. Whew! Now that we have that vivid picture image in our mind let's move on.

So What Is This Big Miracle?

I already knew that women have been using this product for years to decrease bags under the eyes. How do I know? Well, I must admit that I have tested this beauty tip and heaven help us, it is true.

If you have been out late one night and have a big meeting the next day or if you have a reoccurring problem with bags and puffy eyes then this is a product that really works. Simply put a small amount on your finger or a cotton ball and rub under your eyes. Be careful not to get any in your eyes however. If you do happen to get it in your eyes, flush with water.

Now ladies or gentlemen, simply place your leopard print sleep mask over your eyes and go to sleep. What? You don't have a leopard print sleep mask? Then just go to sleep and in the morning you will look refreshed and ready to face the day. At least I can say that I noticed a considerable difference after trying this method.

Do keep in mind that this is not a use that is recommended or endorsed by the company that produces the product. You are attempting this at your own risk.

What Is In This Stuff?

The ingredients include Glycerin and Petrolatum as protectants, Phenylephrine HCI acts as a constricting agent, and there is also 3.0% Shark Liver Oil and Lanolin listed.

So with all of these ingredients especially the Shark Liver Oil and the Lanolin, is it a wonder that this is also a great beauty product? I am assuming that the constrictor is helpful in shrinking the swelling around the eyes.

So What Other Wonderful Things Does This Butt Cream Do?

Funny you should ask. The entire reason I even decided to write about this product was because a local radio station mentioned the benefits of Preparation H as a joke and callers were talking about the various uses. Personally, I haven't tested any of these other methods but have heard others rave about the results.

For one, this product is sworn to be the best fishing bait this side of the Mississippi. The tale goes that it is the Shark oil in the product that is attractive to the fish. So next time you are sitting on the dock baiting your hook, rub a little Preparation H on your lure and see what you reel in.

The other rumored use of Preparation H is when you want to shed a few inches from your waist. Apparently by applying a generous amount of cream to your waist and then covering that with a plastic wrap, you will decrease your waist by at least two sizes if repeated over a week long period. The legend goes that this practice was started by the military to shed some inches on the waists of recruits that just didn't meet the standards. I don't know about you but I don't want to join any group or organization that bad.

All I can say is if these methods work then Preparation H might have to consider coming out with not only a cosmetic line but also a full line of fishing products. Again if you test these methods you are doing so at your own risk and because you have an inquisitive spirit.

Final Thought

I can't say that I have ever used Preparation H for the intended purpose and probably wouldn't say even if I had. I will say that for a $5.00 investment, this has been one of the best products I have ever used for "the morning after" eyes.

Nobody ever said beauty secrets were glamorous and this certainly falls under the not-so-glamorous beauty tip but most of us will try anything to improve our looks.

Preparation H is definitely more than a "butt cream".

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