When Soft is better than Hard!

Jun 16, 2000

My family all have very poor eyesight. As a result each one of us wears glasses and contact lenses. Three in the family wear soft lenses and I wear hard lenses. I believe very strongly in hard contact lenses. I believe they are better for your eyes, last a lot longer, and in the long run are a lot cheaper.

When my oldest daughter was ready for contact lenses I insisted on hard lenses. We made the purchase and for about two months had nothing but difficulty with them. My daughter was never comfortable with the hard lenses. Because they worked for me I wanted them to work for her. In the long run I found out this wasn't going to happen. We had the lenses polished and re-polished. We tried different solutions and nothing worked. We went back to the Eye Dr. and she advised us that some individuals can not wear hard contact lenses.

We took her advice and got a prescription for soft contact lenses. Our daughter received a trial pair and put them in her eyes. She was a very happy girl the minute she closed and opened her eyes. No burning or irritation; Just good vision. I still stand behind hard contact lenses. I recommend them but they don't work for everyone. If you are having trouble with hard lenses give the soft a try. You might just like them.

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