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Jun 13, 2000

Like many people who have worn glasses for decades (since I was five), I have tried almost all types of contact lenses, and each has its plusses and minuses. The main difference between them is finding the lense that is right for you.

HARD CONTACTS(gas permeable)
Gas permeable lenses or hard lenses are just that – hard.

Adjustment Period - Wearing them takes an adjustment period so that your eye can build up a callus to the lense. For me, I wore them an hour the first day, then an hour and a half, etc, until I could wear them the entire day. However, I never fully adjusted to them. If I got something in my eye, it was unbearable. If I wore them too long, I had to take them out. They were acceptable (to my vanity) but difficult.

Inserting the Lenses - Also, learning to put them on and take them off can be difficult. In order to put them on properly, you must center them on your cornea. If you do not, they can float off your eye and be difficult to remove.

Why they are recommended for Young People - Gas permeable lenses are often recommended for young people under the age of 18. The reason is that it is “supposed” to prevent your vision from getting worse. Although there are many wives tales as to why this is so, the real reason is that it is supposed to prevent your stigmatism from getting worse. A stigmatism is when your eye is “out of shape”. The gas permeables are so rigid that they do not let your eye change shape easily. Instead, they can sometimes help your eye keep its shape (think of a corset). However, if most of your problem is caused by elongation or shortening of they eyeball (typical near sightedness or far sightedness) these lenses are not known to prevent your vision changes. In fact, after wearing them for 6 years (from 12 to 18), my eyes continued to change, and never improved.

Cleaning - Cleaning hard contacts is actually much easier than soft contacts since hard contacts will not incorporate dirt particles into the lense. Futhermore since they are durbable, you can clean them in water easily without fear of tearing them.

These contacts are just that – soft.

Inserting the Lenses - Using them is easy as they almost always center themselves on your cornea which makes them easy to put on. Furthermore, I found that they were easy to wear and rarely bothered me (of course after 6 years of hard contacts, I could hardly complain).

Convenience - Soft contacts are almost unnoticalbe and are easy to live with. Falling asleep in them (although not recommended) is not painful, nor is wearing them an extended period of time. Also, since they appear to contour to fit your eye, they seem to fall out less often then hard contacts do.

Choosing a Brand - There are many brand out there, and each one is shaped a little differently. If they are not comfortable – AT ALL – try another brand. It took me almost 8 brands to find the ones I wear today. Do not settle. You may regret it.

Cleaning - As I understand it, soft contacts must always be cleaned with solution or else they can absorb contaminants.

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